formerly a Kellogg's warehouse in its better days, this building stood unoccupied for nearly a decade after Kellogg's relocated. the spacious warehouse was renovated in 2012 with many stylish upgraded features. each unit is unique, as the building's features are utlized and accentuated. this space is perfect for college students, young professionals and the artsy hipster crowd. even though there is no garage for residents, there is plenty of parking for tenants and guests alike. and the common area courtyard offers an oasis from the urban landscape. pets are ok.

101VACANT 102mads corcorcan 103 tyler rexing 104VACANT 106VACANT 107orion hart 108prescott lewis 109dexter carvahlo
lennox carvahlo
111dylan marshall
reshil geronimo
112mari lopez 114VACANT 115VACANT 118VACANT 119VACANT 123VACANT 124katherine alenko
203astrid holze 204 chelsie nakamura 205VACANT 207VACANT 211VACANT 212VACANT 213VACANT 214VACANT 216VACANT 218karyn valdez 220rj drexen 221VACANT 222annabelle martelli 224 VACANT